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Check here for current AMMO availability at our Eden Prairie location.

High demand ammo availability

The following table shows availability of high demand ammo in our Eden Prairie store and is updated in real time. A complete list of in stock ammo for all calibers can be found here

  • All ammo is "First come, first serve" for in store purchase only.
  • Purchase quantity will be limited to 100 rounds per customer (12ga buckshot may be less).
  • Due to an already high call volume and poor information from distributors we will not be taking online orders, phone orders or holding ammunition.
  • Please understand that we may not respond to emails or phone calls regarding ammunition at this time.
Limited qty
Click on a check mark to see what's available.
40 S&WLimitedYes
380 ACPNoNo
38 SpecialNoNo
357 MAGNoNo
12 gaYesLimited
.223 / 5.56LimitedYes
308 WINNoYes
300 AAC BlackoutNoYes
6.5mm CreedmoorNoLimited