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Benelli / Firearm / Shotgun / Hunting / Waterfowl / 12 ga / New / Out of stock

Benelli is synonymous with quality shotguns. They produce some of the lightest and fastest cycling shotguns available, making them a favorite with law enforcement, military, hunters, and competition shooters. From the elegant Montefeltro to the tactical M4, Benelli is the fusion of function and art.


Waterfowl hunting demands a lot from a shotgun. Ducks and geese are generally flying higher, faster, and are harder to kill than upland birds. Waterfowl hunting also mandates the use of nontoxic (i.e. not lead) shot. For these reasons, waterfowl guns are often fed a steady diet of magnum shells loaded with huge pellets. Due to their proximity to swamps and the miserable weather ducks and geese like to fly in, waterfowl shotguns also take a fair amount of abuse and get exposed to somewhat extreme weather. On top of all this, camouflage is an important element of waterfowl hunting so most guns built for this purpose will at least have some sort of non-reflective finish if not have some sort of camouflage pattern applied to them. Some of our favorite waterfowl guns include the Benelli Super Black Eagle II, Beretta A400, Franchi Affinity, Benelli Supernova, and Remington 870 Super Mag. Read more...