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Home Defense Pistols

Full size or “service” pistols are an effective self-defense tool. Most folks generally consider them too large for concealed carry but for home defense they are a great choice. Full sized pistols generally have the largest capacity, are the most reliable, and are the easiest to shoot. These guns are usually easier to manipulate because they are larger and easier to hold on to, which also translates into greater shooting proficiency. They also tend to be sprung lighter which makes the slides easier to rack. Longer sight radius also aids in accurate shooting. Full size guns aren’t necessarily “more accurate” than smaller guns, but because the sights are further apart there is less margin for error in the sight picture. When dedicated to home defense use, they are ideally paired with flashlights such as the Surefire X300 or Streamlight TLR-1. Full size handguns are easier to store in means and places that are rapidly accessible, are highly wieldable, and can be employed with one hand (freeing the other to open doors, corral children, or call 911). Read more...