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Benelli / Firearm / Shotgun / Hunting / Upland / New

Benelli is synonymous with quality shotguns. They produce some of the lightest and fastest cycling shotguns available, making them a favorite with law enforcement, military, hunters, and competition shooters. From the elegant Montefeltro to the tactical M4, Benelli is the fusion of function and art.


It doesn’t take much to knock down an upland game bird, but one must cover a lot of ground to find them. This is why many purpose built upland hunting guns put an emphasis on light weight because they will be carried far more than they will be shot. This element is what has kept some of the smaller gauges viable over the years while 12ga has dominated the shotgun market. Other important features of upland guns are quick shouldering and rapid swinging characteristics. North woods grouse hunting also puts the unique requirement of compact size into the equation because of the thick and dense cover those thunder chickens prefer. Late season pheasant hunters may opt for slightly heavier loads and larger shot sizes, but generally handling heavy firing schedules of magnum loads is not part of the equation for upland shotguns. Some of our favorite upland guns are the Browning Citori, Franchi Instinct, Benelli Montefeltro and the Remington 870. Read more...