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Kahr Arms / Self defense / Concealed Carry

Kahr Arms is dedicated to concealed carry. All of their pistols are thin, light, and reliable. Kahr uses modern precision CNC machining to craft their firearms. Their models are offered in all steel (K-series) or polymer (P-series). They also offer a lower cost line (CW-series) based on the same design as the P-series with fewer expensive CNC parts and traditional cut rifling vs the more costly polygonal rifling found on the K or P series models.


Concealed Carry

"Concealed Carry" is the act of carrying a firearm in public in a manner that others are unaware that you are armed. Responsible armed citizens carrying concealed are everywhere. As of May 2015, 195,000 permits to carry a pistol have been issued in the state of Minnesota. Of those Minnesota carry permits, over 64,000 of them have been issued in the immediate Twin Cities metro area. If you have been out in public within the last 10 years, it is extremely likely you have been in the immediate vicinity of a carry permit holder legally carrying a concealed firearm. In fact, you probably know someone personally who has a carry permit. Read more...