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Smith & Wesson is probably best known for their iconic revolvers. They also produce some of the best striker fired polymer handguns, micro-carry guns, and AR-15's at their price points.

Home Defense Revolvers

The simplicity of the revolver makes it a good choice for some shooters. They are completely self-contained. There are few moving and zero detachable parts (such as magazines with semi-auto pistols). The operator simply opens them up, inserts ammunition, closes them, and pulls the trigger when applicable. While the administrative use of revolvers is very simple and potentially less intimidating for those not familiar with firearms, actually shooting them can be challenging. We recommend a heavier steel frame revolver chambered in 357 magnum (which can also shoot the lower recoil 38 special) for the novice shooter. For those that are more familiar with the mighty wheel gun there are several incredibly powerful cartridges available for revolvers. Since they cycle mechanically instead of automatically, many revolver proponents claim they are more reliable than semi-autos. Read more...