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3 Gun Shotguns

More often than not, matches are won and lost by the shotgun. This is because shotguns possess very diverse capabilities, are the most practice intensive to master, and are the most unforgiving of misses (due to very limited ammunition capacity). Understanding of variances in shot size, powder charge, and choke patterns are keys to mastery of this element of the game. The use of slugs and buckshot in addition to standard shot is common place in shotgun arrays as well. With the exception of Open and Heavy Metal, 3 gun shotguns are generally conventional tube fed semiautomatics chambered in 12 gauge (20 gauge is often allowed, but rarely used). Magazine capacity is generally limited to 9 rounds at the start of the stage, but, once on the clock, capacity is unlimited. Recently, this has led to a shift from traditionally short compact tactical style shotguns to field length guns with vastly extended magazine tubes.