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Concealed Carry Holsters

Perhaps as important, or more important, than the gun itself, is the holster holding the gun. Holsters completely dictate how comfortable, concealable, and accessible a handgun will be. Holsters are either made out of leather or kydex/injection molded polymer. Leather is the most pliable and comfortable, but also holds moisture and eventually will lose its shape. Polymer is more durable, repels moisture, retains its shape forever, and has the smoothest draw stroke. Its rigid nature can be uncomfortable if formed or worn improperly and some common kydex rigs are more bulky than comparable leather holsters. There are also hybrid holsters that use both materials. All holsters will wear on a pistol’s finish. Any gun that spends any significant amount of time in a holster will show wear…best make peace with it up front. Daily carry holsters come in many shapes, sizes and configurations, but most fit into one of two categories. Inside the waistband (IWB), and outside the waistband (OWB). Read more...