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Got your concealed carry permit , handgun license, gun permit, concealed weapons permit, or firearm permit? Arnzen Arms has you covered with the best selection of concealed carry guns online.

How to get a concealed carry permit

Handgun classes

We recommend Reilly Training for all your concealed carry permit classes and concealed handgun license / gun permits. Mike teaches gun permit classes every other week where you can learn the mn ccw laws and find what makes the best self defense pistol. You will learn how to fill out a concealed carry application to apply for your conceal carry permit, or MN permit to purchase. In Minnesota your gun permit is good for both concealed carry as well as open carry.

Self defense classes for women

We are the best gun shop in MN for women looking for self defense options. We have a large selection of concealed carry holsters designed for women along with carry purses and defensive handgun training for women.

Self defense weapons for sale

Concealed carry guns

On our site, you can buy glock 43 online, buy M&P shield online, buy sig P238 online, or buy any other self defense pistol such as the Springfield XDS, Ruger LCP, Kahr CW9, or Ruger LCR.

We are still experiencing delays from certain manufacturers and distributors.

Expected lead times are currently 5 - 21 days.

Self defense

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Self defense

Owning a firearm for defending yourself and your family is an extremely personal choice. Whether you are a long time practitioner of concealed carry, or just considering your first defensive firearm, Arnzen Arms is here to support you. Read more...