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Glock Tactical Light With Laser

Glock 764503036804 TAC3680 Tactical Light With Laser
Available. Ships in 5-14 days
$284.00 MSRP

Now the GLOCK Tactical Light has a visible red laser placed efficiently within its compact housing. Able to function independently or in concert with the high intensity Xenon white light at the touch of a centrally placed mode switch" the red laser/light module is easily yet securely mounted to GLOCK pistols with the rail mount system. The laser is able to be zeroed with pinpoint accuracy and is designed specifically for "duty use" conditions. Both white light and laser respond to the ergonomically designed Touch Detent Switch where the selected lighting function firmly engages. Ideal for military" law enforcement and self-defense situations. 70 lumens.

  • Main switch (MS) Touch detent switch with Ambidextrous operation
  • Range (m / ft.) 100 / 328
  • Focusable
  • Light Xenon
  • Not dimmable
Tactical Light With Laser
Ships in 5-14 business days.

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