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HLP Impact Sport Bolt Folding Electronic Earmuff Black

Howard Leight Products 033552025252 R-02525 Impact Sport Bolt Folding Electronic Earmuff Black
Available. Ships in 5-14 days
$138.70 MSRP

The Impact enhances user awareness through advanced sound amplification technology. It allows wearers to hear important communication - other co-workers" alarms and warning signals - at a safely amplified level. Positioned microphones provide more natural" directional hearing. Through an advanced response technology" Impact reverts to passive earmuff mode when noise reaches 82 dB or above.

  • Amplifies Ambient Sound
  • Reverts to Passive Hearing Protector When Noise Reaches 82 dB
  • Stereo Microphones
Impact Sport Bolt Folding Electronic Earmuff Black
Ships in 5-14 business days.

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