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Italian Gun Grease 741360240599 IGGDCK Deluxe Multi-Caliber Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Multi-Caliber Cleaning Kit

Deluxe Multi-Caliber Cleaning Kit
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Now offering the most advanced and first of its kind “long term” protection kit for your firearms. As funny as it sounds, firearms need protection. Protection from children and burglars are risks that safety procedures and safes can handle. Another insidious enemy is “corrosion”, which is where the LTP Kit comes in. Our advanced Carbon Eliminator™ and specially formulated rust preventative The Protector™ products can be used to gain years of protection. This kit is the first kit on the market to contain all the items and procedures necessary to prep, seal and store your pistols and rifles, ensuring that the time, energy and money you have already invested into your firearms will be preserved and protected. Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your firearms are “ready to go” when you need them!


Long-term climate control rust protection
Active protection for Ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Oxygen scavenger technology
Non-petroleum/non-synthetic, organic based formula
Ready to use - RTU
Will integrate with IGG lubricants
Environmentally safe
Non VOC – user friendly
American made

4oz bottle of The Protector™ our specially designed rust preventative
6oz bottle of Carbon Eliminator™ - quickly dissolves carbon down to the micro pores
Heavy duty oxygen scavenging VCI zip-lock storage bags Size: 10" x 54" Thickness: 6mil
Cotton gloves – prevents skin oil contamination
Humidity meter test strip
Moisture absorber packet
How-to-use instructions


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