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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The holiday season is once again upon us and many of you may be stumped regarding what to get the shooter(s) on your gift list.  Well fear not because Santa's helpers are at Arnzen Arms and are ready to assist you.  We have a plethora of range bags, flashlights, knives, tools, cleaning supplies and many other gift ideas.  Here are a few of our favorites.



Surefire has positioned themselves as the leader in small, but powerful flashlights.  They have now brought out a couple of smaller flashlights that are compact, convenient and still provide the power you want in a small package.  The first is the Titan Plus. This light runs off of one "AAA" battery and provides three mode of illumination: 15, 75 and 300 lumens. The Titan plus measures 3.375 inches in length, about a half inch in diameter and weighs a mere 2 ounces.  This light is not only a great gift for the shooter but also anyone who walks through parking lots or ramps during the dark hours.


Next up is the original Titan which is even smaller that the Titan Plus at 3 inches in length and weighs only 0.9 ounces.  It has two levels of output at 15 and 125 lumens.  As one customer noted when I showed her the Titan lights "At last there is a decent flashlight that will easily fit in a woman's pant's pocket!"


Another great gift for the shooter is a bore light.  This one, from Real Avid, sports a 5 inch flexible neck with a magnetic base allowing you to securtly attach it to any metal surface so that you can use both hands to manipulate the firearm you are illuminating.  A bore light is what I call a "fail safe" gift because even if a shooter has one, they will welcome the gift of another one so that they can have one on their workbench and one for their range bag.


FrogLube Cleaning Supplies

FrogLube has become a hugely popular supplier of cleaning products and the FrogLube FrogTube is a great gift package for any shooter.  It contains a 1 ounce bottle of solvent, a 4 ounch container of CLP paste, a 1.5 ounce squeeze tube of CLP, a brush and cloth.  FrogLube products clean and dissolve rust and carbon and are environmentally friendly.



GPS Outdoors has developed a line of "Deceit and Discreet" gun bags for people who don't want their gun bag to give away what is inside.  Their first aid kit gun bags have their reverse sides completely covered in velcro so that when you place it in your carpeted trunk it will stick and not slide around.  The medium bags holds one handgun and two magazines while the large bag holds two pistols and two magazines.

The 5.11 Range Ready bag is a perfect medium sized bag for a day at the range.  There is an exterior pocket for a water bottle, a compartment that holds up to 8 magazines and a couple of additional auxiliary zippered pockets for more gear.  The interior of the bag has two pockets to hold a handgun each, a nylon bucket for holding spent brass and a lift-out insert that will accomodate up to 9 boxes of ammunition.  The bag measures 24 inches wide X 16 inches deep X 10 inches tall.




Every shooter needs specific gunsmithing tools and we have three sets from Wheeler: the Torque Wrench, the Screwdriver Set and the Hammer and Punch set.  These are also "fail safe" gifts because most shooters will want an additional set to carry in their range bag.  If you are looking for one recommendation I would suggest the screwdriver set.  You should absolutely Never use a hardware store screwdriver on your firearm. The screw heads on firearm screws are different than common wood or sheet metal screws and you will do irreparable damage to the screws on your firearm if you try to use a common screwdriver on your weapon.  The Wheeler Gunsmithing Screwdriver set is an absolute must!



The Ruger 10/22 .22LR rifle is probably the most popular .22 rifle in the country.  And one thing that every Ruger 10/22 owner will appreciate are extra high capacity magazines.  We've got both the 15 and 25 round capacity magazines that will provide plenty of .22 plinking fun!

If your gift receipient has an AR style rifle they too will appreciate additional magazines.  We have plenty of Magpul's popular and affordable PMags available.  The PMags are a quality product at an attractive price and would make a wonderful gift for the AR shooter on your list.


Hearing Protection


Peltor's Rangeguard Electronic Protection provide 21 decibels of noise reduction and suppresses the sounds of a gunshot while amplifying normal conversation levels.  The earcuffs are of a low profile design so as to not interfere when using a rifle or shotgun.  They run on two "AAA" batteries and automatically shut off after 4 hours of inactivity.


Benchmade Knives

Knives are indispensible tools and we proudly feature the Benchmade brand.  You can buy a cheaper knife and you will need to replace it in a couple of years.  My everyday carry knife is a Benchmade that I purchased in 2003 and it is still going strong.  You can also pay a lot more for a knife without gaining much in the way of quality or service life.  Here are two of my favorite knives that we currently have in stock:

The North Fork Folder is a manual opening knife employing Benchmade's Axis locking system.  This is a smooth functioning knife with beautiful black and grey textured scales.  It has a slightly recurved blade that makes it perfect for any slicing or processing chores you may have.  The North Fork stands almost seven inches in length when opened with a blade length of 2.97 inches.

The Nakamura Axis has a drop point blade measuring 3.08 inches in length and stands 7.03 inches long when opened.  This is an attractive knife with textured carbon fiber grips.  The recipient of this knife will enjoy it for years to come and will surely appreciate your thoughtful gift.


These are but a few of the gift ideas that Arnzen Arms has to offer.  So why fight the traffic at the mall when you can come to Minnesota's primere gunshop with the friendliest staff and shop dogs!  We will be happy to assist you find the right gift for your shooter.



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