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Round table gun review’s Wilson Combat EDCX9 9mm Gun Review [VIDEO]

Round table gun review’s Wilson Combat EDCX9 9mm Gun Review. It’s a simple scheme. Shooters from different backgrounds get together, shoot guns, discuss guns and rate guns. Thumbs up, thumbs down or the ever noncommittal “meh” are the only options. What starts out as four separate reviews culminates in a broad overview and full bodied review of each individual gun. WE WELCOME COMMENTS! Agree, disagree, call us names, whatever you wish… we even welcome discord if it will ultimately serve the prospective buyer of these guns and help them make informed decisions.


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(rock music)

(gun clicks)

(continuous gun bangs)

- Hey buddy,

it's Mark Baron and Hans

with Arms and Arms

and we are looking today

at the Wilson Combat EDC X

which I seem to forget every
single time nine right?

A gun I really really really wanna love.

I'm not quite there.

So that's,

there's the short review right?

I'm a huge fan of the segment of 1911's

and 2011's specifically 2011's

the wide body 1911's
and I that's oh my god,

that's what I love.

And so here comes this you know,

'been out a couple years now

but here comes this kind of
like really interesting package

with a lot of the characteristics
of a wide body 1911,

engineered by a company that you know

is very good at this
which is Wilson Combat

not only are they good at making 1911's

but they're really good
at like their take on

the brigadiere you know

we've got the Beretta pistols

and even some Glocks right?

And they've done some
interesting things right?

- In 320s now which was super cool.

- Interesting we'll
have to check that out.

So here's this like
kind of concept pistol,

which is like the carry variant.

You know really like,

for those of you who aren't you know,

or near low more capacity

or whatever,

like this is really a carry pistol.

I think that's the market
they're going after.

- The everyday carry.

- Yeah the everyday gun right?

And you know looking at someone
like me who like you know,

I don't think anyone
would make an argument

that I don't think highly of myself right?

Like I'm fine with that.

I got that.

And I like a little flashy gun you know

years I carried a shield,

because it was like in my waistband

and I just stopped doing that

because frankly it's
just isn't cool enough.

- Agreed.

- And I it's like there's
always the whole thing

we're like it's okay to say like

"if you just like
something 'cause it's cool

go for it"

like his reviews are you know

opinions of a pistol at a time

if you love this thing,

this is the one for you I mean,

you can always nothing fancy
calls this thing kind of cool.

you can always throw that down right?

- Yeah I suppose.

- Yeah right?

So anyway here's a DCX9.

So this is the first chance I've had

to really really play with one of these.


(gun bangs)

I was a little underwhelmed.

Just a little right?

I guess I kind of wanted this to be like,

everything I ever wanted and it's closed.

Really really really closed.

I think the ergos are great right?

It's a very comfortable gun to shoot.

(gun clicks)

It feels awesome in the hand,

it looks fantastic.

It would look amazing
hand off your nice piece

of leather look fantastic right?

And it shoots great.

That's I wouldn't expect any less

from the company that does this.

It just didn't shoot like
remarkably well for me.

It just shot well right?

And so I think under like stress

I would have had a very similar experience

with a hot rod and Glock.

- Yep.

- And their thousand bucks

and this thing starts at three right?

But when we have here is pretty

you know milk toast as it relates to this

is a whole lot upgrades on this one

we've seen them in the 3500 range

3600 range with some different toys on it.

I thought the sight picture was fantastic.

I am a fan of the four inch

or the shorter gun especially

for carry so the presentation is great

there's anexcellent
amount of like daylight

between the left and right
posts I could see my front sight

like in really bury that
front sight on what I want

still have a pretty clear sight picture,

I liked all that

because of the ergos are good.

The look is fantastic,

These Butler cuts up front are stunning.

And it would do all the
things I wanted to do.

I guess what it comes
down to for me is this

am I gonna carry this pistol?

(gun clickes)

I just I don't think I would.

I think at $3,000

the performance wasn't
there for me to like,

push myself outside of a cool,

I would go to four and
I would carry something,

you know like a Knicks
or something like that

or one of these kind of
super high end pistols.

You know at that point if I'm spending

three grand on a pistol
it's for that big a deal.

So you know I'm kind of a man on this,

I'm gonna reserve right

'cause I still think I'm a thumbs up

'cause you can't really mean ultimately,

this is it was four degrees
outside or five degrees outside.

This is a pistol that historically

these types of guns don't run

that great and in really
crappy conditions like that.

It ran flawlessly for three people.

I mean we put a few
hundred rounds through it.

So it's hard for me to
ever be like anything less

than a man for a gun that runs right.

But I would have a little
trouble going all in

on this pistol at this price point.

So that's kind of my my
beginning assessment of it.

So Baron.

- I get the super contrast that'll be

- yeah

- So the BBCX9 to be a super cool

because it to me it's finally
an evolution of the 1911

and I'm a Smith I love 1911.

I don't think there's
well you won't convince me

there's a platform that
can be more accurate

than a 1911 and a handgun.

Like there's just so much
introduced to those guns

and I mean,

you watch any review video
ever the gonna compare

the trigger on their pistol to a good 1911

or even an average 1911

- Yeah.

- You know a crappy 1911 triggers better

than a good striker fire trigger you know,

with this you're getting
the modern features

plugged into that heritage right.

So I've still got the linear trigger,

which is part of the reason

that people love the
1911 is the trigger moves

in a straight line instead of a hinge.

It's just a lot easier
to engineer and trigger.

You know you still have
your manual thumb safety

that's really easy to ride on.

It uses a gas pedal

But now we've started to add things

like double stack
magazines without making it

a much larger pistol like getting into

your wide your true wide body 1970s

your 20th is this isn't that

this is its own thing ground up

built to be the carry modern
1911 style gun I think.

You know you can get it with a railer

without depending on
you know if you kill you

with a lighter if you
just like that the look of

that classic 1911 with
the rounded dust cover

I can get a red dot on this gun

I can change out what my backstrap sizes

I can change the trigger
length I can get an ambi safety

I can not like you have all
those those other features

that you're like current
polymer guns can add in

but plugged into a gun

that I think absolutely
shoots like a $3,000 pistol

you know when I but you
know pushed out broke

the first shot like yep cool,

decide shoot where I wanted to.

And then I broke another couple of them

like well half this
gun tracks really well.

Then I just you know I
we had a heaps of target

and then a piece of steel

and just the doing
transitions between those two

it's really easy to shoot this gun.

And then I think I shot like six

or seven rounds at the
end just put it on target

and just ran with the gun feed

and it just stayed there
where I wanted it to.

So I'm really,

I was really excited about that.

The controls are all easy to reach for me

which I got little stubby thumb.

So being able to get to the
magazine release is a big deal.

And the the ergos on the
grip kind of remind me

of a Beretta that was the
when I first got the first one

in after they launched it.

I picked it up and like
that's kinda reminds me

of a Beretta and you know,

just kind of what were the
radius is on the bottom

of the grip they're installing that.

so you know you got some
of those features there.

It's a huge thumbs up for me

I'm really fond of this pistol
like to the point I you know,

I was thinking on the drive home

after we got done shooting I'm like "man."

I wanna put it on the clock
like tried to build drills

and stuff with it.

See what I want the gun world before

and I'm like "man you know if I treated

all of the other hand
guns I have right now,

maybe I can get one"

- Have a couple of kids
scientific experiments

- Perfect

- You know the guns you are.

- There we go.

- Yeah.

- So kid D got a gun literally.

- Selling themselves wrong

- Them for a large sum of money

- I will go,

I'm kind of on the other side of the train

I'm with Mark on the
fact of that it's hard

to hate on the gun that runs flawlessly

regardless of the price

it's a 3000 above $3,000 starting point

does it shoot like a $3,000 gun?


- Yeah.

- But do I have guns that
cost a third less you know,

maybe even more that shoot close.

I mean we're for me I don't
know where the metric is

that I'm a Glock fan.

I there I am one on that's
running stat stock sites

and has MLS cut out I'm not a so

- We'll deal with that later.

- But I do love this site

with the with the night big Trijicon front

and then the you so there's like you said

a lot of daylight and there

that I can get that target
on my sights on the target.

The grip the herbals for me
are the worst part of this gun.

I'm a 1992 fan or am
nine fan bread fan also,

but that grip is more like actually

the Smith was victory 22
to me it It almost feels

like I'm grabbing a pop bottle

rather than a pistol grip me to me.

It doesn't look quite as round

as it feels in my hand it
comes up a little short

just at the bottom for me

and I understand that's where
the carry aspect of the gun.

- I think it's 'cause we
both have little bit hands.

- It could be.

- This are stubby very dainty.

- My hands are very well could be

that I'm seeing it's just
not sitting in my hand

as much as I like

- Now am looking at it you're like it.

- That being said,

it does shoot amazingly well.

(gun shots)

I absolutely am thumbs up on this gun

just because of the Wilson
Combat nature of the gun

they built a beautiful gun.

I just don't think it's for me.

I'm not a theory fan with the 1911 style.

Anyway with the manual safety

but what would I want one?


Am a bearer am gonna
have to sell a few guns.

I do have a few kids that
can come on the yard.

- I guess that's a more humane one.

It could take longer but its humane.

I got it.

So if thumbs up thumbs up man.

- Thumbs up for sure.

- Thumbs up right on.


- Thumbs up man.

This gun was,

this has gone into like one of my personal

favorites in general having shot it.

- Look my calculus is pretty simple

when it comes to these stuff,

I will never say less than
maths for a gun that runs

but as soon as you start
getting into an envelope,

this is a thumbs up pistol in performance

there is no question about that for me.

But I've gotta deal with the price tag

so am gonna be like a thumbs up minus.

I know I'm settling.

Its hard for me to give this a thumbs up

because at three grand
there's like some more

$2500 plus for a pistol

then am expecting something
a little more you know.

And we've certainly shopped pistols

that were way more expensive than this.

And you are like "it's worthied"

- Yes.

- And am just not able to
quite make that commitment.

I think it's a remarkable gun.

Kudos for the engineer

like you talked about in the
other video we did you know.

Whatever company steps up and
does something new you know.

Hudson is a great example of this.

It didn't go very well but
what path did they clear

we don't even know about right?

By taking a risk like that right ?

And I'll give a punch for that.

So it's a thumbs up for me
Ill be straight about it.

I'm just a little,

I just can't quite like get

that excitement about it that I wanted.

So let's see Wilson Combat EDCX9.

(upbeat music)