Shooting team

Josh Froelich

How Josh got into the shooting sports

I always had an interest in guns, but even more in competition. In school it was football, during college I competed professionally in the local MMA circuit and once out of school I was always looking for what was next. In the summer of 2014 I was at a local gun shop when I heard there were competitions where people ran around with guns and shot competitively. I knew that this was something I wanted to give a try. My first match was with a local IDPA group and I loved it. I was awful, but enjoyed every minute of it. I shot a few more matches to round out 2014 and moved into USPSA and 3 gun in 2015 shooting over 50 local matches. I love competition, the shooting sports and the community of shooters we get to interact with. In 2016 I shot nearly 75 matches with 9 majors mixed in and 16 was the year things started to come together. 2017 should be a great year.

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Jake Latola

How Jake got into the shooting sports

I have been a lifelong outdoorsman who used to receive bricks of .22LR as payment for mowing lawns while growing up on the Iron Range in Northeastern Minnesota, where the sound of rimfire was as common as car horns in the Twin Cities. Formerly a competitive tournament golfer during the short Minnesota summers, I changed gears and made a commitment to action shooting in 2013 after a back injury forced me to set my clubs aside and pursue a new passion. I had previously dabbled in a few USPSA matches, but after shooting my first 3-gun match I knew the fast-paced chaos of 3-gun was a perfect fit for my personality and broad skillset.

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Kate Arnzen

How Kate got into the shooting sports

I got dragged into it by the persistent staff members at Arnzen Arms! Andre would not stop pestering me until I finally tried a USPSA match. When I did, I wished I had started action shooting sooner. It was a blast, and I was instantly hooked.

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Mike Dahl

How Mike got into the shooting sports

I did some trap competition when I was younger, however my interest in action shooting came about because I was looking for a martial art to do when I moved to Minnesota. I had been doing lots of Kendo in Seattle and there just weren't any Dojos here. Once I discovered action shooting (IDPA and USPSA) I knew that's what I wanted to do.

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Andre DeSautel

How Andre got into the shooting sports

I've been shooting guns since I was 12; primarily hunting and trap. After seeing some action shooting on Shooting USA, I had to give it a try. I started off with IDPA with my Glock 19 and Kimber 1911, and ramped into full-on action shooting addiction immediately.

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Krystal Dunn

How Krystal got into the shooting sports

I would tag along with my dad to the range as his "brass rat" when I was a little girl. I started shooting pistols around 9 or 10. And one day he asked me if I ever thought about competition- I had never heard of it! One little search on YouTube, and I knew I had to try it!

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Dave Gundry

How Dave got into the shooting sports

A friend at college (Lucas Webster) dragged me into it in 2007, after a few conversations at the gun shop and seeing what my first pistol purchase was (Witness Elite Match). My first match was a USPSA special classifier match at Holmen Rod & Gun Club near LaCrosse, WI. I was immediately hooked and spent the next summer shooting weekly matches in Pine Island, MN and monthly matches in Holmen.

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Jonah Klevesahl

How Jonah got into the shooting sports

I’d always been into shooting handguns, but was constantly bored with shooting indoors at a range. Had a friend from a local motorcycle forum who said I should come try an outdoor USPSA match, so I bought a gun and some basic gear and shot my first match down at Pine Island in the dead of the 2012 winter. I didn’t do well, but received a lot of good advice and quickly realized what skills I needed to develop in order to become competitive.

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James Leffler

How James got into shooting sports

I started reading a bunch of zombie books, got curious about guns, and bought an AR. I got bored punching holes in paper at gun ranges and heard about the steel shoot in Hutchinson. That led to USPSA, which led to tactical shotgun and 3 Gun matches.

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Adam Maxwell

How Adam got into the shooting sports

I'm told I've always had a fascination with firearms since I was old enough to understand the concept of what a gun was. I started shooting air rifles when I was about 10 (there are probably enough BB's laying in my back yard to build a 1911), but I really didn't start shooting firearms until my teen years. Competition shooting started when I rallied a group of buddies and our dads into a trap/skeet league in high school (before high schools were sanctioning such things). My first exposure to action shooting was a TV show called "American Shooter" when I was about 14. I had to lay in wait for several years until I was old enough to buy guns and ammo for myself, but I eventually started shooting IDPA which then evolved into USPSA and ultimately 3-gun.

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Mark Stevens

How Mark got into the shooting sports

In a nut shell. I fell into it. I bought a pistol to shoot with my cop brother. During the Carry class the instructor mentioned USPSA. I went to a match and within 6 months sold all my worldly possessions and started 3 Gun.

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Kyle Tam

How Kyle got into the shooting sports

Saw the IPSC league at Burnsville one day, youtubed a bunch of videos and decided to give it a try. First shot at MAPSA in 2012

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Paul Wollmuth

How Paul got into shooting sports?

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