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Shooting team profile

Krystal Dunn

How Krystal got into the shooting sports

I would tag along with my dad to the range as his "brass rat" when I was a little girl. I started shooting pistols around 9 or 10. And one day he asked me if I ever thought about competition- I had never heard of it! One little search on YouTube, and I knew I had to try it!

Krystal's greatest victory in the shooting sports

I had a Class win at Area 3 in Nebraska, and 2 High Lady wins in Wisconsin. But I think my biggest victory in shooting so far has been the ability to learn how to practice effectively. I am now starting to see my biggest overall improvements in accuracy and consistency!

The skill Krystal still struggles with

Speed! I definitely tend to take my time trying to get the best hits. I really have to use a timer in practice to get myself to punch it up a bit!

What Krystal does when she isn't behind the trigger

I own a Brow and Beauty Bar in Burnsville called Brow Bella, which is basically a mini-Spa. I also try to travel as much as possible to escape the brutal MN winters!

Pistol and related gear

I have a CZ AccuShadow named Anastázie :-) I use Double Alpha grips, a BOSS holster, Ghost magazine pouches, CR Speed belt, and MecGar mags....that I got at Arnzen Arms of course

Shotgun and related gear

I have a Remington VersaMax Tactical. I use a Safariland ELS belt when they actually get me away from my pistol long enough to have some fun on the shotgun.

Best advice

Dryfire is where you make most of your improvements. That and live fire is where you push your limits. Then match day, just shoot to your sights.

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