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Shooting team profile

Mark Stevens

How Mark got into the shooting sports

In a nut shell. I fell into it. I bought a pistol to shoot with my cop brother. During the Carry class the instructor mentioned USPSA. I went to a match and within 6 months sold all my worldly possessions and started 3 Gun.

Mark's greatest victory in the shooting sports

I have had a few solid finishes locally and on the national stage but my single biggest victory is easily the number of people I have introduced to the sport through my youtube channel.

The skill that Mark still struggles with

There are so many! I have rough edges in all my disciplines. Right now I am working on athleticism and transitions between guns.

What Mark does when he isn't behind the trigger

I am a father and spend a lot of time with my 2 kids. My responsibilities to Hawkeye Ordnance and Hawkeye Syndicate eat up most of the rest of my time. I also have a wonderful lady friend and we spend a lot of time together at the gym or on various adventures.

Pistol and related gear

Grundhauser LDC5 with a Rock Island Armory Hi Cap 9mm for a backup. STI mags, Para Ordnance Mags, Safariland ELS Belt and Mag Pouches.

Rifle and related gear

18" JP-15 with a super match barrel. Vortex Razor 1-6 optic. 40 and 30 round Magpul magazines, ELS mounts and Magazine Pouch.

Shotgun and related gear

26" Hawkeye Ordnance Benelli m2. Match Saver, Taccom Deulin' Deuces and AP Custom Classic Caddies.

Best advice

Welcome to the sickness

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