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Nordic components shotgun extension

Nordic Components makes the best shotgun extension tube on the market. Their MXT modular extension tube and nut system, which are available for most major shotgun manufacturers, makes customizing your tactical, gamer or hunting shot simple and painless in 3 simple steps.

This is for 12 ga shotguns only. If you need 20 gauge shotgun extension tube components, contact us directly via chat or email. Nordic Components also makes magazine replacements for Benelli Vinci and Tactical Kits for the Beretta 1301.

Step 1: Select shotgun

The Nordic Components Extension Tube Nut is the model-specific component of the MXT kit which adapts the extension tube to your shotgun. If you do not see your brand and model of shotgun on the list please email [email protected]. If you only want to purchase a tube select “NO NUT.”