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Wilson Combat Tactical Trigger Unit Single Stage AR-15 Platform

Wilson Combat 874218005054 TR-TTU Tactical Trigger Unit Single Stage AR-15 Platform
Available. Ships in 5-14 days

Trigger unit that is easily user installed in any AR pattern rifle in less than 1 minute. Exclusive Wilson Combat engineering enables a durable, 4 pound, ultra-crisp trigger pull without any fine tuning or adjustment. Reduced, positive trigger reset guarantees a quick follow up shot on target. No loose parts; totally self-contained module. Unique hammer geometry enhances reliable ignition with military and surplus ammunition of all types while a 1911 style half-cock notch allows the TTU to meet or exceed military specifications for drop safety. Pre-assembled, CNC machined trigger housing contains H13 heat-treated trigger, hammer, sear and a stainless steel spring for trouble-free installation.

Tactical Trigger Unit Single Stage AR-15 Platform
Ships in 5-14 business days.

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