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50 Round Review, FNH FN 509

Welcome to Arnzen Arms 50 Round Reviews. What can you expect in the first 50 rounds with the FN Herstal FN 509.

FNH introduced the FN 509 in 2017 as a contender for the US Army’s Modular Handgun System Competition. While they didn’t secure the contract the 509 did get noticed by tacticians in law enforcement and the civilian markets.

The first 5 rounds at 10 yards wasn’t great for either of us. We just shot some fancy race guns and got a little sloppy with the standard issue trigger. After focusing for a minute, the groups tightened up significantly and under recoil the gun ran great with over the counter ammunition scoring 10 alphas and 2 charlies.   

In a really crowded and increasingly high quality segment (thank you US Army) The 509 isn’t really a standout. It isn’t meant to be. It has average sights, average ergonomics, an average trigger and at an MSRP of $649 the FN 509 has an average price. When comparing the FN509 to its contemporaries from Glock, Sig, Springfield and Smith & Wesson it really just comes down to a matter of taste. After All - One man’s FN509 is another man’s Glock 17, wait… what?