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Sig Sauer P365 vs P365XL vs. P365 SAS

A few months ago, I did the above review comparing the Sig Sauer P365, the P365XL, and the P365 SAS. Having had a few months to let my opinions marinate, shoot the P365 and the P365XL a couple more times, and consider my original opinions in the video on the P365 SAS a few more times, I have found that my thoughts only moved more to the extreme of each. So here are my opinions and maybe some more explanations regarding the why of my opinions.


 The one that started the craze and frankly redefined what we all think of when we hear “concealed carry pistol”. The Sig P365 showed us that you could cram more than 6 rounds in a thin subcompact that wasn’t just a hacked-up version of a larger gun. It has had A LOT of hype over the past couple of years that it has been out and all of that is absolutely warranted. It comes with good sights, it has decent ergonomics, it has a good trigger for a carry gun, and it doesn’t cost and absurd amount. The P365 has earned its place among the ranks of the most venerable carry guns on the market today. But I still can’t love it. I can’t get into a pistol that doesn’t give me a full grip on the gun. It’s one of the nonnegotiable points I have when selecting a pistol for whatever mission I need it for. 


Which brings us to the Sig P365XL. THIS is a pistol I can get behind. Gives me a full grip on the gun, has a dramatically better recoil impulse than its stunted brother, AND I get a slide milled for a red dot. This gun, being nearly to opposite to the P365 as compared to my needs, is one of my favorites in its category. The P365XL truly floored me with how well it shoots. It is barely behind my full-sized guns in its shooting performance on paper and on the clock. 12+1 and a red dot makes this gun a titan in the small pistol realm in my opinion. My only real complaint regarding the P365XL is that the trigger guard is a bit tiny. I don’t have monster hands, honestly they’re on the smaller side, but I still found my trigger finger feeling a bit claustrophobic trying to manipulate the trigger. 

P365 SAS-

And this brings us to the red headed stepchild of the family. If the P365XL is the valedictorian cancer healing saint of the bunch, the P365 SAS is the bail skip that probably shouldn’t stop by for turkey on Thanksgiving. I appreciate the need for a deep concealment gun for nonpermissive environments, but the P365 SAS sacrifices the features I still need in the gun, mainly being the ability to aim with any degree of confidence. And if your first response to that is “you won’t see your sights in a gunfight”, I will respond to that with a quote from gunfighter extraordinaire Chuck Pressburg “YOU won’t see your sights in a gunfight.” Maybe I get lucky and can just point the gun “thereish”, but if I have to selectively place a round to save myself or someone I love, the sights on the P365 SAS ain’t going to cut it. That coupled with the needlessly ported barrel and the deletion of the slide stop make this gun a nonstarter for me. If you want to try it just order the unported slide from Sig to try on your regular P365, but the complete P365 SAS is the perfect example of good initiative, bad judgement. 

 That’s my recap. I’m braced for the hate some of my opinions might bring. If you have the opportunity try each one for yourself. My opinions are only based on my experience and my optics. Maybe you have a different outcome. Hopefully your P365 SAS has a properly regulated point of aim/point of impact. But if it doesn’t, may I suggest the P365 XL with a red dot as a much greater performing replacement.