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Shooting team profile

Kyle Tam

How Kyle got into the shooting sports

Saw the IPSC league at Burnsville one day, youtubed a bunch of videos and decided to give it a try. First shot at MAPSA in 2012

Kyle's greatest victory in the shooting sports

Winning C class at A3; beating Dahl in downloaded Man V Man

The skill that Kyle still struggles with

Transitioning before following through and completing an on-target shot

What Kyle does when he isn't behind the trigger

Sleeping. Go-Ruck!

Pistol and related gear

CZ Accu-Shadow; Boss Holster, Ghost Pouches, CR Speed Belt, Mec Gar Mags

Rifle and related gear

Daniel Defense V7 LW with JP Comp, no sights cause I'm cool like that

Shotgun and related gear

JM930, AP custom load 2 and 4x4s, Safariland ELS

Best advice

Slow down.

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