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Shooting team profile

Jake Latola

How Jake got into the shooting sports

I have been a lifelong outdoorsman who used to receive bricks of .22LR as payment for mowing lawns while growing up on the Iron Range in Northeastern Minnesota, where the sound of rimfire was as common as car horns in the Twin Cities. Formerly a competitive tournament golfer during the short Minnesota summers, I changed gears and made a commitment to action shooting in 2013 after a back injury forced me to set my clubs aside and pursue a new passion. I had previously dabbled in a few USPSA matches, but after shooting my first 3-gun match I knew the fast-paced chaos of 3-gun was a perfect fit for my personality and broad skillset.

Jake's greatest victory in the shooting sports

Helping introduce new shooters to action shooting sports, teaching them some of the finer points to improve their skills, and seeing the giant smile on their face after they finish their first stage is an experience that trumps personal performance. That said, finishing in 1st Place in the Tactical Division at the 2015 Nordic Components Tactical Shotgun Championship and competing on the 2015 3-Gun Nation Pro Series was personally fulfilling and proof that hard work pays off!

The skill that Jake still struggles with

Shooting the sights! As shooting skills develop, it’s easy to outrace your vision skills. Maintaining the proper balance of sight alignment and trigger control is critical to consistent execution. Tell us what you do when you aren’t behind the trigger Outside of shooting, I am employed as an Engineer for a large, Minnesota-based conglomerate, often traveling around the country supporting manufacturing operations and equipment. Beyond that, you can likely find me spending time with my family while enjoying a number of outdoor activities, working on home improvement projects, or tinkering at my work bench.

Jake's pistol and related gear

Custom 9mm STI 2011, Phoenix Trinity aggressive texture steel grip, Dawson rear sight, Brazos MicroDot front sight, STI magazines with Taran Tactical Innovations internals and basepads, G-Code XST holster, and Safariland magazine pouches. Pistol ammo of choice is CapArms 147 gr Target+Match.

Jake's rifle and related gear

JP Enterprises CTR-02 .223 with Vortex Razor Gen II 1-6x optic in a JP Extended Mount fueled by Magpul P-Mags with Taran Tactical Innovations basepads and Springer Precision magazine couplers. Clover-leaf groups delivered by CapArms 60 gr V-Max and 69 gr SMK Target+Match.

Jake's shotgun and related gear

Benelli Vinci with a Nordic Components MXT Vinci Modular Magazine Extension, Shooters Source +2 Extension Cap, and Hawkeye Ordnance Oversized Safety Button. I also have a Brazos Lightning Rod front pistol sight and a low profile rear pistol sight milled into the vent rib. Quad loads from Taccom shell caddies keep the gun full, while Briley chokes consistently spread my preferred Winchester AA Super-Handicap Heavy Target Load shotshells and group well with Federal Truball 1 oz Low Recoil slugs.

Best advice Jake ever got?

“Never place an expectation on your performance or you’ll be dragging that boat anchor along with you the entire match, and don’t dig yourself a hole so deep you can’t get out of it.” – Paraphrased from a Jerry Miculek interview

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