Hunting Rifles

Whether you are lion hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting or elephant hunting, we have the hunting rifle to enable you a successful harvest. Arnzen Arms stocks hunting rifles from a number of the best rifle manufacturers in the world. We sell browning rifles, savage rifles, ruger hunting rifles, as well as high end rifles such as Cooper rifles, Christensen rifles, JP rifles. On our hunting website you can buy Remington 700 online or a browning shotgun online.

Hunting outfitter

If you are hunting in Texas, such as a texas deer hunt, or texas whitetail hunt we are the best hunting website to buy hunting rifles and rifle scopes online. Texas deer hunting for whitetail is as popular as Nebraska deer hunting or Minnesota deer hunting. Colorado Elk hunting is equally challenging and is often a hunt of a lifetime. For that you'll want a 30 cal rifle or a 338 lapua rifle from Savage or Christensen. 30-06 rifles , 308 rifles, and 223 rem are also popular calibers for deer hunting.

Rifle scopes

On our hunting website you can buy the perfect rifle scope for hunting big game, small game, or anything in between. You can buy Sig Sauer rifle scopes, leupold rifle scopes, schmidt-bender scopes, Vortex Viper, Vortex Crossfire, or Vortex Diamond back online.

Hunting facts

Our staff has many seasoned hunters that know the MN DNR laws. Our expert staff can help you with all your deer hunting , duck hunting, waterfowl hunting, hog hunting, or big game hunting needs.

We are still experiencing delays from certain manufacturers and distributors.

Expected lead times are currently 5 - 21 days.


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One of the most popular recreational uses of firearms is for hunting. The guns used in the pursuit of game are as diverse as the types of quarry themselves. When selecting the proper firearm for hunting applications one must consider legalities set forth in the area one wishes to hunt, the amount of power needed to humanely harvest the animal, the distance at which a shot will likely be taken, and the amount of damage to the animal one is willing to accept. Read more...